This section is all about supplements that can make a significant difference in your life and especially for your metabolism and health or weight loss goals and Vitamin B5 certainly qualifies here.

Vitamin B5 also known as Calcium Pantothenate or Pantothenic Acid is a member of the B complex family of vitamins. It has roles in cell building, maintaining normal growth, the functioning of the central nervous system and antibody production but it is its essential role in the conversion of fat and sugar to energy and the functioning of the adrenal glands that is of particular interest to us.

The adrenal glands (located on your kidneys) are arguably one of the most used and abused parts of your metabolism in modern life being completely responsible for the bodies ability to deal with all forms of stress – physical, mechanical, emotional and psychological – so you can just imagine the battering they take! Even caffeine seriously works these glands. B5 significantly helps these glands do their work and relieve stress and hence its nickname the ‘happy’ vitamin!

Deficiency of B5 is normally associated with these conditions – Hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar), Duodenal Ulcers and Blood & Skin disorders. The best natural sources are Meat, Whole-grains and Green Vegetables. Its chief enemies are food processing, caffeine, sulphur drugs, sleeping pills, excess estrogen (hormone) and alcohol.

A Vitamin B5 supplement can be very useful if you suffer from tingling hands and feet (when taken with other B complex vitamins). If you have a high stress lifestyle of any from or if you are looking for allergy relief 500 to 1000mg morning and evening would be strongly advised. If you combine this with 500mg of Vitamin C morning and evening it is even more effective. Always take supplements 3 hours away from any medications and consult your doctor first if you have a serious medical condition or are on strong medications.

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