Exercise is absolutely vital for weight loss and any plan or person that says otherwise is very very wrong and very misleading. Aerobic (cardio) work where you get your heart rate up and try to keep it up for 40 minutes or more is very important and traditionally was considered the core of exercise weight loss…but not any longer!

Toning work is really the most important form of exercise for weight loss and if you are leaving it out you are making a huge mistake! Toning helps you to make enormous changes in your metabolism as well as being the most effective way to prevent sagging, tighten your skin and lose extra inches.

Toned muscles tighten in and become more dense so you become slimmer and firmer. Every extra 1lb of toned muscle helps you to burn an extra 60 calories a day. Most people need to add about 6 lbs of tone to be properly toned up and prevent severe aging. Because this tone is spread all over your body, you will hardly notice it but it makes a massive difference to your metabolism. If overall you add 6 lbs of tone it will help you burn 360 calories extra per day (6 x 60), that’s 2,520 calories per week or an incredible 131,040 calories per year or the equivalent of burning 37 lbs of body-fat!! WOW! That’s all before you even begin to think about the other calories you save from your diet and cardio exercise.

So you can see that toning is a massive secret weapon in weight loss and the great thing about the tone is that it stays with you very easily with a little maintenance. Therefore make sure you absolutely have a toning plan as part of your weight loss plan, even if you have to cutback on your aerobic work to allow you to do it. About 8 exercises will cover the major body muscles so it only takes about 2 x 20 minutes sessions per week for great results! Make sure you stay well away from any weight loss plan that does not have some toning.

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