A: No matter what your back problem, you must find a way to exercise. You cannot let the rest of your body especially your heart and lungs decay because of one problem area. Sure you need to be cautious and carefully consider what you do, but the WORST thing you can do is avoid exercise. The very thing you are avoiding is probably one of the best medicines for your back problem anyway!

If you can get out of bed by yourself, then you can exercise! Don’t use back problems as an excuse not to exercise! Talk to your physio or fitness trainer to find out the best way for you to exercise. If they can’t help you then FIND someone who can! You just have to get exercising – full stop!

There is always a way to adapt or substitute exercise to suit any condition, it is just a matter of desire and effort. If you know anyone who has a back problem then show them this article and strongly encourage them to get active but also to get the right advice.

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