Even one glass of wine can greatly alter your hormone levels especially in women! Yes, depending on your hormone balance for some people just one glass can tip their hormones out of balance. So if you are a regular wine drinker (one or two glasses every evening) you need to seriously consider this!

The best time to exercise is early in the day if possible. By exercising early you not only maximize the benefits of the elevated metabolic rate that you get immediately after exercise but you tend to be a lot more active throughout the day burning even more calories!

Too much salt can build up your stomach fat considerably. Yes – excess salt from processed foods and sauces not to mention the salt cellar is a stress to the body and especially the adrenal glands on your kidneys. Your adrenal glands then pump out the hormone cortisol to deal with this stress and this builds up in that immediate area resulting in stubborn stomach fat accumulation!

If you lose weight without exercise especially toning you can end up a saggy weight loss mess. The scales might be going down but so will everything else! So be careful, exercise especially toning must be a critical part of any genuine weight loss plan.

An incredible 80% of cases of depression are connected to faults in other body systems (thyroid, adrenal gland, digestion, liver etc) rather than being a specific brain fault. So always look for the root cause of your depression rather than just masking it over with medications!

Stopping eating at 6pm is wasted effort for most people and creates unnecessary weight loss stress. For many people it slows their metabolism down making weight loss much harder. The rule should be to stop eating 3 hours before bed! If you are not very active in the evenings it is a good idea however to cut down the amount of carbohydrates that you eat after 6pm.

Long meal gaps are one of the most destructive things to your weight loss. They lower blood sugar, unbalance hormones and cause other major metabolism problems. Try never to exceed a gap of 4 hours if possible. Every time you do you wipe out some of your dieting and exercise effort!

If you can walk and talk easily, it is great for getting news but not much good for your weight loss. You need to be reasonably breathless at all times to benefit your weight loss, so talking should be difficult and intermittent. If you find it hard to get reasonably breathless, then you might need to start jogging for weight loss results!

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