80% of depression cases are connected to the poor performance of body organs/systems other than the brain e.g. low thyroid function, poor digestive system or exhausted adrenal glands. So in treating depression make sure to get to the root cause for the fastest and best results!

Your liver is one of the hardest working organs of your body with at least 500 key functions. It works 24/7 filtering all the junk that enters our body via food, medicines, alcohol, cosmetics and the environment. The herb ‘milk thistle’ is World famous for its ability to help liver function and help repair the damage and destruction that is goes through. Milk Thistle is one of my top 10 supplements of all time!

Constipation is one of the most serious metabolism disorders of all. It creates great toxicity in the body and is a huge contributor to serious illness and disease. Constipation makes weight loss almost impossible and even if you do battle through, your results will be half of what they could have been. If you are constipated or know someone who is you must work to solve the problem immediately – it is extremely urgent. Contact us for advice if you wish!

There is a big difference nutritionally between eating the whole fruit and juicing a fruit especially when it comes to weight loss. Whole fruit has a lot more fibre and a lot less sugar (ideal for weight loss), it also contains many extra valuable nutrients that are lost through juicing. One glass of juice a day is ok but in general make sure to get most of your fruit from eating whole un-juiced fruit. The whole fruit and nothing nut the whole fruit!
A gap of more than 48 hours between exercise sessions and the benefits of the previous session start to reverse. So if you are not careful you can be going 2 steps forward but 1 step back and not even realise it. That is why you should ideally exercise 4 times per week and every second day to maximise your results and progress.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cycling outdoors, at home or at the gym is having the saddle at the wrong height. You can turn a really great exercise into something bad and painful with this one simple mistake. For correct height, sit on the saddle and drop both feet evenly to the floor – only the balls of you feet should be on the floor. If more of you feet touch the ground, the saddle is too low and if you can’t touch at all then too high. Too low is the most common mistake, it will kill your knees, give you bulky thighs and totally mess up your weight loss results!

Bad Breath – For most people, the main cause of bad breath is a faulty digestive system and not poor dental hygiene. Badly digested food literally ‘rots’ in your intestine and releases foul smelling gases back up through your digestive system which you then exhale. A great place to start to correct this is to chew your food more slowly and avoid over eating at meals. Remember a woman should never eat/drink more than 400 calories at any one meal or snack and a man never more than 500 calories. Another critical aid to correcting this problem is a strong probiotic (friendly bacteria) supplement. Make sure to get the equivalent of 18 to 24 billion bacteria daily in this form for about 3 months and then cut back to the equivalent of 12 billion daily. Many of our agents stock a probiotic supplement especially suited to these requirements, so please contact us to set you on the right track.

Even 10 minutes of exercise per day can do wonders for your health and weight loss. Studies have shown that even that small amount of brisk exercise can really help improve your circulation and heart and lung function. From a weight loss perspective, while you won’t lose much weight with this amount of exercise, it can help stabilise your weight and stop it increasing and hopefully the mental wellness and focus that comes from the exercise can help you get in the ‘zone’ and make further improvements to your lifestyle and possibly extend your exercise sessions.

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